Strange & Primitive makes pop music that goes places. Structurally diverse and cinematically engaging, their music blends earthy and synthetic tones with a range of vocal styling to create an immersive and transportive experience. Drawing inspiration from film, Strange & Primitive has prioritized writing songs with a broad dynamic range and an emotional arc.  
Graham Fish was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario. Jeff Musgrave was born in Osaka, Japan, and raised in British Columbia. The two met in 2007 and launched their musical partnership. Countless hours were spent in their early days freely improvising and recording music with a fusion of styles including rock, industrial, classical and jazz. In 2012, under the name Audiograft, they released Melody in the Half-Light, an instrumental album saturated with interwoven textures and melodies. The decision to expand their sound to include lyrics and vocals resulted in a new identity; in 2014 Strange & Primitive was born. 

2015 marks the release of their first self-titled debut, a modern melt of musical genres and sonic landscapes. The new album pursues themes of miscommunication, misunderstanding and misidentification with a blend of energy and atmosphere. Musgrave performs vocals while all other writing, arranging, recording, producing and performing responsibilities are shared equally. 

Visuals naturally complement and enhance their music. Pieces are written with imagery in mind; this compels the duo to create videos, where they have as much fun as they do making music. They have successfully collaborated with several other visual artists, something that they plan to continue on future projects.

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